about me


I think jewelry should reflect your individuality, that it can be a form of self expression.

Each of us is unique so why would we want to wear mass produced machine made jewelry?

Studio art jewelry is so much more than just jewelry and is so much more fun to wear!

I make jewelry for the person who knows who she is and who doesn’t follow the crowd.

My pieces are one of a kind and occasionally very limited editions and I think of them as art to wear. I make each piece with love by hand in my own little studio. I love working with metals, gems and vitreous (kiln fired) glass enamel. All of my work has a modern contemporary style though many techniques I use are traditional. Quality of craftsmanship and originality of design drive my work. 

I hope you’ll find some pieces here that speak to you, that resonate with your sense of style. No one in the world is the same as you are and I believe that your jewelry should be just as unique as you.