MY philosophy in life is that we deserve to love, wear and enjoy our jewelry every day. Well made jewelry of silver and gold, gemstones and kiln fired enamel is not high maintenance but does deserve a little basic respect.

  • Ambitious activities such as gardening, swimming, working out, mountain climbing, construction and heavy duty home chores are not friends of fine jewelry. Let’s be real, some of those activities are not what we really want to be doing anyway, are they?
  • Your jewelry dislikes harsh chemicals. Use only products designated for fine jewelry. Do not use harsh or abrasive cleaners. Silver and gold are easily cleaned with a special soft polishing cloth for jewelry.
  • Even perfumes, hairspray, bleach, chlorine, ammonia and some cosmetics can be harmful and damage soft stones such as pearls and opals.
  • I often apply patina to my silver pieces. Do not polish it aggressively! It is a natural surface treatment which develops over time with wear. If you prefer to maintain the darker finish I will re patina your pieces no charge, you only pay shipping and insurance.
  • If your piece has a satin finish do not polish it aggressively! It can be cleaned using a very soft toothbrush and a little detergent.
  • It is best to treat even more durable gemstones as I do more delicate ones. The International Gem Society has very detailed instructions for cleaning gemstone jewelry. Enamels can be cleaned the same way.
  • Enamel is glass. While it is a material which can last hundreds of years it is also breakable. Please do not put on enamel (or really any) jewelry over a ceramic or other hard flooring. We drop things. We don’t mean to but it happens.
  • Your most loved jewelry travels best when each piece has its own pouch within a hard sided box along with your other pieces.