As long as I can remember I’ve loved metals and stones and the magic of light. Though my formal education is in traditional fine arts I discovered silver, gemstones and vitreous enamel and found my joy. My work is hand fabricated by me in my studio and is one of a kind or limited production. Infinite design ideas and nearly as many traditional as well as innovative techniques ensure that studio time is always stimulating, satisfying, challenging and joyful.


Jewelry serves as self expression and it communicates one’s individuality in the world. I believe studio art jewelry completely fulfills these desires because the creation of hand fabricated jewelry is itself the maker’s form of individualized self expression.


The process of creating a piece of jewelry or an enamel gem for me begins long before I really even know what it is I will make. Amorphous ideas roll around in my head and slowly they become defined enough that I can see what I want to do. Then comes working out the technical details. As a piece develops many elements of the design change, sometimes so much that the piece is unrecognizable from the original concept. And I like to think, better. My studio work can be challenging, intensive, frustrating, joyful, free flowing, painstaking, energizing, relaxing. 

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