jan van diver

Always a creative,  my formal education is in the fine arts, working in two dimensions with paint, ink and dye.  Today, I work in three dimensions, with silver, gold, stones and kiln fired glass enamels.  Within a three dimensional construct,  I experience  the transformational nature of my materials which lend themselves to a myriad of processes, both ancient and innovative.

The talented and inspirational artists I’m grateful to have studied under include Linda Darty, Patsy Croft, Jan Harrell, Andy Cooperman,  Bill Helwig and David Freda.  I’m largely self taught through the writings, books and videos of  gifted metalsmiths and enamelists including Marne Ryan, Michael David Sturlin, John Cogswell, Charles Lewton Brain, Nancy Megan Corwin, Ronda Coryell and Harold O’connor.

Special appreciation goes to a metals genius and the most gifted mentor one could ever have, Bon Paphatsarang.  Bon’s talent, dedication, patience and skill can only be matched by his kindness and generosity of spirit,  all of which are evident in his exquisite work in silver and gold, he is a master.

hand fabricated and one of a kind jewelry

All of my work is hand wrought by me and each piece is one of a kind.

I work with sterling silver, fine silver, various karats of gold, gemstones and imported glass enamel.  Soldering, acid etching, repousse’, die forming, stamping, fusing, cloisonne’, champleve’, basse taille and fold forming are some of the techniques I enjoy.

My working style varies;  spontaneous and organic or methodical and painstakingly precise.  My pieces evolve naturally as I work rather than having a rigid plan from the start.  Ancient techniques used to modern effect,  heavy textures contrasting with minimalistic planes, darkly oxidized elements accentuated with bright edges, primitive nuances combined with refined and asymmetric design elements used to  create balance comprise my working vocabulary.

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